What To Expect


 Pre-production typically lasts 2 weeks for shorter videos, but for longer ones, it could take longer. Trust us. Its worth it to spend the time here to really strategize the video and marketing strategy. This process involves collaborating on the story for the film and may include location scouting.


With all the logistics settled, the budget taken care of, the casting finished, and the script ready for action, it’s time for the fun part—filming. This is where it all starts to come together. Crew size can vary from 1-2 people all the way up to a full production with our entire team of 10.


This is the stage where your videographer puts all the pieces of the puzzle issues with audio quality, visual effects, or pacing will be addressed. Once you’re happy with the final product, we’ll hit “export” and you’ll be on your merry way with your brand-new video!

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